Are your building’s water systems complying with ACOP L8 guidance?

If you’re responsible for a commercial property which is temporarily unused, or operating with significantly reduced occupancy, are you confident that the water systems are SAFE and being managed in line with the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L8 guidance, ensuring that you comply with your legal duties in relation to Legionella?

Continued safe access for contractors to the property is fundamental in the continued compliance with the provisions of ACOP L8. If a property is closed for the present, maintenance is still required to ensure a safe return once the building is operational again.

For commercial premises, decisions need to be made regarding the correct maintenance of water systems during closures, with an emphasis on preparing the systems for a safe return:

  • Closed water systems, heating systems etc., should be operated as normal, with automatic control systems set to ensure no stagnation occurs.
  • For hot and cold water systems, including drinking water systems, steps should be taken to minimise the risk of flooding, but systems should not be drained down. Otherwise they will need to be flushed and/or chemically disinfected prior to re-occupation. The regime for these systems should be kept in place with a review as additional flushing may be required.
  • Recreational water systems such as water features, pools etc. should be safely withdrawn from service in accordance with shut-down procedures, which normally involve the disinfection of the system and a drain down.

At Darenth Valley we’re working closely with our specialist partners in water management, keeping up to date with constantly evolving government guidelines surrounding Covid-19.  If you don’t already have a planned and preventative maintenance (PPM) programme in place with us, it’s not too late to ask us for help – we’re taking on the management of commercial properties throughout this pandemic and helping landlords navigate  previously unchartered territory to keep buildings compliant, safe and happy ready for the return of the occupants.

To discuss how we can help you to put a PPM contract in place to ensure that you remain compliant with ACOP L8 and other relevant legislation please do get in touch with Alex Tait today and let us help you through these difficult times and beyond.


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Our Safely Back to Business Pre-occupation Checklist covers the steps you will need to plan now, including reviewing social distancing provisions, to ensure your premises are ready for reoccupation and fulfil your legal obligations as an employer. In addition to this Pre-occupation Checklist of the key things you need to check, our Best Practice for Reactivation Checklist gives a comprehensive list of specific maintenance issues to consider.