Deep clean & sanitise to fight Covid-19

Darenth Valley is partnering with SafeGroup, industry leaders in infection control, to assist clients who have buildings requiring Covid-19 decontamination, both to protect those returning to work in the building and to make it safe for us to enter the building to carry out maintenance and repairs.

SafeGroup has the UK’s largest number of mobile infection control teams, with 40 teams operating electrostatic decontamination services against COVID-19. SafeGroup has also trained our teams and now working together we can fight Covid-19,¬† providing decontamination where needed.



SafeGroup appreciates that speed of response is critical in reducing contamination and has invested in electrostatic sprayer technology, which provides the means to react quickly and thoroughly. The video below explains how.


SafeGroup uses environmentally friendly disinfectant, applied via electrostatic spray, to eliminate Coronavirus (SARS-associated) Human Coronavirus (VR-740), Canine Coronavirus (VR-809) as well as RNA and DNA, which is very important when sanitising and decontaminating viruses. The persistent solution continues to be effective when dry, prolonging protection from contamination.

Working with SafeGroup, we can deliver sanitisation and decontamination services quickly and effectively, and with minimal disruption and create a safe environment for everyone using the building.

To find out more about sanitisation and decontamination services read more  or get in touch with Alex Tait our Business Development Manager.


View the presentation 

SafeGroup Decontamintation Presentation