Electric vehicle charging points won’t cost the earth

Whether your current tenants wish to go green, or the property is empty and looking for an occupant – having an electric charging point for hybrid and fully electric powered vehicles will only make your building more attractive for companies looking towards a greener future.

We’ll all be driving zero emission vehicles by 2040, or we should be according to the government’s Road to Zero strategy. For commercial landlords, this means now is as good a time as any to start thinking about being ahead of the curve by providing necessary charging points for tenants and their employees and visitors.

With more and more businesses switching their fleet to electric vehicles; for environmental credibility, for fuel cost reduction and to eradicate  the congestion charge and lower excise duty – properties with charging stations may soon be at an advantage in terms of attracting and retaining tenants.

We’ve already successfully installed a number of electrical charging points at commercial properties in the city for as little as £1200 per power point (n.b. pricing varies and is dependent on location and where supplies can be sourced).  In the not too distant future we expect this to be a steady stream.  Talk to us today about making your commercial building a more attractive prospect for potential tenants with a growing environmental awareness.