Give your boiler a summer service

Summer’s here and if you’re responsible for maintaining a commercial boiler it’s now, when it’s out of action for the summer, that you should be thinking about its performance for another year, making sure that it’s safe and ready in full working order when the cold weather returns.

Firstly, do you know if your boiler is ‘commercial’?  Any unit that has a 70kw power rating and above is classified as a commercial boiler.  Commercial boilers are more inclined to breakdown due to heavy duty use and require specific regular servicing, including checking the seals, gaskets and heat exchanger for signs of damage.

A common error with a defective boiler is complacency – don’t assume that if the boiler is working that everything is okay. An annual service will detect any potential problems and rectify them, where left undetected they could result in a boiler breakdown, with all the inconvenience and unhappiness that would cause the tenants, and ultimately you. At worse, poorly maintained boilers are potentially fatal and could pose health and safety breach, which you could be held accountable for.

Whilst we would always recommend the minimum of an annual boiler service, early signs that a boiler requires attention are:

  • A temperature drop in the building
  • Noises – anything that sounds clunky or whirring etc.
  • Fuel bill increase – an inefficient boiler may use more fuel with increased costs

At Darenth Valley, we include boiler servicing and maintenance in our Planned and Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contracts, relieving you of the responsibility of scheduling servicing and any subsequent work required and providing the necessary paper trail to comply with The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (“the Gas Safety Regulations”). It’s the smart way to ensure the boilers you’re responsible for are properly maintained and minimise the need for emergency repairs and reactive maintenance. Giving you peace of mind and keeping your tenants warm and happy through the winter.

If you’re boiler was installed by Darenth Valley, or D Hammond as part of maintenance or refurbishment works, then who better to maintain it than the people who installed it?

If you already have a PPM contract in place with Darenth Valley relax, if you don’t and you’d like to put one in place please get in touch.