Have you implemented social distancing measures?

Before your colleagues return to your offices you need to consider likely health and safety implications in line with Government ‘Guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19)’ , including reviewing social distancing provisions.


Review your social distancing provisions

Workplaces need to avoid crowding and minimise opportunities for the virus to spread by maintaining a distance of at least 2 metres (3 steps) between individuals wherever possible. This advice applies both to inside the workplace, and to where staff may need to interact with customers.

  • Install reception screens

“if feasible, place plexiglass barriers at points of regular interaction as an additional element of protection for workers and customers (where customers might touch or lean against these, ensure they are cleaned and disinfected as often as is feasible in line with standard cleaning procedures)”

  • Implement two metre line marking

“where it is possible to remain 2 metres apart, use floor markings to mark the distance, particularly in the most crowded areas (for example, where queues form)”

  • Implement appropriate signage where necessary

“use signage to direct movement into lanes, if feasible, while maintaining a 2-metre distance” 

“use additional signage to ask customers not to enter the premises if they have symptoms”

  • Implement any necessary hygiene measures

“provide additional pop-up handwashing stations or facilities if possible, providing soap, water, hand sanitiser and tissues and encourage staff to use them”

  • Review desk layouts to maintain two metre separation

“where it is not possible to remain 2 metres apart, staff should work side by side, or facing away from each other, rather than face to face if possible.”


We can carry out necessary improvements required to help you to prepare your building so that you can offer a safe and healthy environment to your returning colleagues. We can supply and install fixed or moveable desk hygiene screens and partitions, distancing floor graphics and mats, distancing signage and mobile hand santising stations. We can help you to reconfigure your office layout – moving lighting and power sockets where necessary. Additionally, we can supply and install hand activated doors and motion detector lights to reduce contamination on door handles and light switches.


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Our Safely Back to Business Pre-occupation Checklist covers the steps you will need to plan now, including reviewing social distancing provisions, to ensure your premises are ready for reoccupation and fulfil your legal obligations as an employer. In addition to this Pre-occupation Checklist of the key things you need to check, our Best Practice for Reactivation Checklist gives a comprehensive list of specific maintenance issues to consider.