• Download our Happy Building Health Check

    We've identified 12 areas of essential maintenance for keeping commercial property compliant and created a Happy Building Checklist. If compliance is your responsibility download it and check that your building complies.

  • 4 reasons why improving your EPC rating will make you happy

    If you’re responsible for a commercial building there are four very good reasons to improve the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of it, which could all benefit you in some way - reduced energy costs, saving the planet, attracting tenants and not getting fined.

  • Summertime is painting time

    Scaffolding is up in Portland Place where Darenth Valley is carrying out an exterior refurbishment at the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

  • LED Lighting – join the bright future

    Switching to LED lighting can reduce impact on the environment, help to achieve carbon reduction commitments and improve the working environment.

  • L8 Training

    Interested in attending future L8 sessions at Darenth Valley?

  • Give your boiler a summer service

    Summer’s here and if you’re responsible for maintaining a commercial boiler it’s now, when it’s out of action for the summer, that you should be thinking about its performance for another year, making sure that it’s safe and ready in full working order when the cold weather returns.

  • Saving priceless musical instruments

    Ensuring a constant temperature to preserve the priceless instruments at The Royal Academy of Music’s museum of musical instruments

  • Rolling refurb for multi-tenant property

    D Hammond's CAT A refurbishment of one floor of an office building in central London led to instructions for a rolling two-year refurbishment project.

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