Make sure your scaffolding is green


At Darenth Valley Building Services, we are purposefully in pursuit of a greener approach to everything we do, and we look for the same approach from the companies we work with – actively working to provide environmentally conscious solutions for our clients.

The scaffolding that’s currently in place at the NMC is supplied by Premier Scaffolding Specialists Ltd, a company we work with because they’re as committed to sustainability as we are.

Premier Scaffolding source their scaffold boards from a company holding a Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Chain of Custody Certificate indicating that the wood is coming from a sustainably managed forest (For reference, both PEFC and FSC are deemed to provide equal and valid proof of sustainable sourcing of ‘Chain of Custody Certified Timber’).

Premier Scaffolding obviously inspect their boards regularly and when they’re deemed unfit for further use, they make use of them themselves by cutting them down to make shorter board lengths if appropriate or use them for the 18inch sole boards which sit underneath the scaffolding. They also donate boards to community projects.

Nick Hall from Premier Scaffolding told us,

“If the board is unusable or we get a request from a member of the community, we give them away and they’re used for a multitude of things. For example, some people have made cupboards, bookshelves and other indoor furniture out of them. Local art students have used them for art pieces or to make picture frames. We also have an allotment next to our base and they use the boards for flower beds/planters/boxes.”

Table and benches made from scaffold boards

Safe scaffolding, sustainably sourced timber and working with the community. That makes us happy and we hope it makes our clients happy too.