The 5 main causes of warehouse fires

A recent article by the Safety and Health Practitioner has revealed some rather sobering statistics about the leading causes of warehouse fires.

The largest cause of fire related property damage is arson – the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property.  18% of all warehouse fires are deliberate.

Coming in a close second are fires caused by problems with electricity and lighting.

Heating equipment causes 8% of warehouse fires.  Poor placement, old systems and negligent behaviour all contribute to the dangers that surround heating warehouses.

Fires taking place at warehouses containing large amounts of combustible materials that have been exposed to a flame or heat source account for around 7% of warehouse fires.

Finally, 5% of warehouse fires are caused by smoking equipment – cigarettes, cigars and lighters.

Darenth Valley can assess your warehouse, draw attention to any risks to the fire safety of your building and advise on remedial measures, including security improvements to deter unwanted visitors, maintaining and updating electrical, lighting and heating systems or installing smoking areas.

Carrying out an annual Fire Risk Assessment and arranging any necessary work can be covered under a Darenth Valley planned and preventative maintenance (PPM) contract, relieving you of this aspect of the building’s management and keeping the warehouse and the people working there safe and happy.

If you would like to arrange a FRA or would like to discuss putting a PPM contract in place please contact Alex Tait our Business Development Manager.